Leonard J. and Virginia M. Herz Currie

An elderly man and woman stand closely together facing the viewer. He embraces her with his left arm.
Leonard and Virginia Currie at the gate of Currie House II. March 1988

Leonard James Currie (1913-1996) headed the Department of Architecture, in the College of Engineering, at Virginia Tech from 1956 until 1962. Before leaving for the University of Illinois at Chicago, he worked with President T. Marshall Hahn to separate architecture from engineering and establish the College of Architecture, which later became the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

Leonard met his wife, Virginia, at the University of Minnesota, where they both studied for their undergraduate degrees in architecture. They married on February 8, 1937.

This exhibit highlights the expertise and world view that Currie brought to Virginia Tech and the houses he designed for his family throughout his career. The photographs are from a collection of 35mm slides that the Currie family donated to the Art and Architecture Library. They are now in Special Collections and University Archives.

Leonard Currie took the photographs unless otherwise stated or he is portrayed in them.

Currie Family at Havana Airport. June 1951.
Barbara, Bob, Betty
Virginia, Leonard