Currie House, Chicago

W. Lexington and S. Lytle Streets, Little Italy neighborhood.

Leonard Currie, rehabilitation architect.

Currie’s earliest photos February 1964 or a little before. Rehabilitation 1965 -1966.

Exterior, with porch and steps added by Currie.
Photo May 1968

Leonard and Virginia moved to Chicago in 1962, where Leonard was the founding dean of the College of Architecture and Art at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). A year or two later, the Curries purchased a spacious house in need of repair near the new Circle campus. The Curries’ rehabilitation of the 1860s house helped spark the renovation of Chicago’s Little Italy.

Bill Lavicka (1945-2012), a structural engineering student at IIT at the time, helped Currie with the house. The project inspired Lavicka to pursue a passion for architectural preservation and he went on to earn renown in Chicago as a master builder and force for preservation.