“Nah, I was Listening”

Sorry, but I fall asleep like in lectures like it was my job.  I don’t think it’s just being an abnormally large human in a tiny seat or anything do to with the lecture but…

Temperature:  yeah, that does it for me.

Too hot; out

Too cold; out

It keeps changing though.  I can be psyched about a class and have a lecturer put me under within a few minutes.  I had the professor who half tried to “change up” their lectures with jokes, meh…  I do like the ideas in the change up article and can definitely identify with the over observed students described within.  But staring down the barrel of my own upcoming lectures I am less willing to give up my time with the students to change it up and lose ground in the material.  I do have ideas, and an advantage.  I am going to teach a class I have taken and TAed for in the past, so I know where the sleeper sections are.  After a while I think I can sprinkle enough variety into our lectures together that I can keep people guessing and waiting for more.  Grinding through survey courses or highly specialized ones seems like it would be most difficult to change up.  Hopefully my experiences of being a- student for too long will serve as a benefit to my own students.  Remembering the burden of sitting through the lectures should be reminder enough that a course is not something that anyone should have to suffer through.

-Change up and wake up

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  • Aaron Atkins says:

    Something like that. Every now and again when I know my students are fading or gone, have pulled out their phones under their desks and are paying attention to nothing but themselves and their pieces of technology, I say something completely off-color. I’ll pepper in a statement or word that does not belong, that’s out of context, and not stop or draw attention to it. Sometimes the heads pop up and their vacant expressions change to wait, did he just say what I think he said? Maybe I should listen closer.

    I know, not exactly a forward-thinking, inclusive educational strategy, but at least it gets a reaction, grabs their attention.

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