Valued Here

We were asked to reflect on the things that we value.  I value integrity, love, and family.  To that end I seek to challenge myself and have fun doing so.

Integrity sounds cheesy.  I value integrity because it brings honor and value to the work that I do, the education I seek, and to the family that supports me.  Love nourishes.  When someone loves me as a person that seeks challenge because of curiosity, I know that they are in large part, identifying with me and my values.  This love is enduring, supporting, and is what I value.  I find this love in my family, and when I start my own, I will do everything that I can to bring and share that love with my new family.  I have to challenge myself to learn more, to discover, and to satisfy my curiosity.  This whole process can be fun.  When it is not fun, I have to engage myself in other ways to even things out.  I miss working with my hands like when I was a mechanic, so I occupy myself with crafting hobbies.  Desk and lab work can break me down physically so I look to sports to involve my body enough to allow my brain to focus on my other pursuits.  Although it has always been largely elusive, I value balance, and I strive to keep these other values in a healthy balance that helps me to be myself.

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