Hello Hal (2/10/15)

I’m starting this back up for my new “Communicating Science” class.  I had a preview of it last year in Dean DePauw’s class.    It’s not as scary as the Space Odyssey computer but it can get a little intimidating.  I know my science, and I can usually get a point across to a captive audience.  The challenge for me is doing so without having to double back.  Many of the talks I give are in small settings on farms.  I am not the main attraction so I usually get thrown in after all of the extension specialists give their talks.  I have cool stories about the work I do and how it can affect the work that they do, but it can be a real challenge to keep their attention.  I think that one of the goals I have here is to figure out how I can get the “VA___ Society” to pay attention long enough to think about what we are doing with my research.  Of course talking to them after a long-winded extension specialist, and having to give a pesticide update doesn’t really help me out at all.  They might be a little bit of a lost cause but maybe I can get them to read my bug blog as an alternative.

Today I got to get up and give a quick synopsis of what I do.  I went for brief, jargon light, and food specific to try and connect with my audience.  I thought I made decent eye contact but I couldn’t remember afterwards.  I never really dove into the real meat of the research I do, instead I tried to make very clear connections with my area of focus and how it impacts the audience members.  Given the chance again I’m not sure what I would change.  We’ll see when we watch it at the end of the semester.

Listening to others give their talks was interesting.  Every time I heard something familiar my brain cranked up like we were in a conversation.  There was one presenter who got so heavy into the jargon I could not actually place what they studied!  The class should be good if I can keep my energy up.  Next week.

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