Wait, Are WE the University of Phoenix?

Distance Ed, Massive Online Colleges, Night Class, are these the same model?  Maybe, but maybe not.  I think that the MOOC’s are probably closer to the night classes and for profit universities than distance ed and international online programs.  We have an online masters program now.  Who does that really serve?  I think it is one way that not for profit universities can stay current and collect tuition dollars, enrollment numbers and graduation rates.  Some of the loan shark like tuition schemes of the for profit schools are predatory.  But I think as more people work through their coursework at a pace with their own life it will become more of the norm.  It looks like the “College” experience is not for everyone.  It would be interesting to see how tuitions and the opportunity costs of attending college actually compare between traditional schools and MOOC’s.  Right now undergrad seems like a great way to go into debt without significantly increasing the potential for you to get hired afterwards.  Economically that does not make good sense.

I think the product offered in a “four year” degree has devalued but the experience factor is not taken into account.  Colleges could be more aggressive about non-traditional tracks that involve more on the job training and internships to overcome this devaluation.  The potential is still there, but now there is some extra competition from MOOC’s.  Flexibility is a great option for many and the four years would do well to keep up.

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