About Me: Blog Post 1

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Kayla Mizelle and I am a Sophomore history major from Richmond, Virginia. I am studying history with the intent of becoming a middle school history teacher.

The history that I most enjoy studying is, America in the 1960s. I first realized my interest in the subject in my high school’s history club where our instructor showed us the CNN 1960’s documentary series on Netflix. I hope in this class to learn new perspectives from the time outside the traditional history. Additionally, I am really interested in California, specifically San Francisco, during the 1960s psychedelic movement.

A little bit about me, I love being outside. A few hobbies of mine include fishing, kayaking, hiking, and hammocking.

Family is very important to me and my family is a little different and very large.  I have a mother and a father who love my siblings and I very much as well as a stepfather and stepmother. I have two younger biological siblings who are twins, Ashley and Vance or as I like to call them, my best friends. I also have 3 older stepbrothers, one stepsister in law, and pretty soon I will be a step-aunt! If that wasn’t hard enough to follow we also have quite a few pets who are more like siblings,  we have two dogs, two cats, and a gecko.

I’m looking forward to going deeper into the history of the sixties this semester!

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