Historiography: Carter Man

The article I looked at takes a unique approach to the Battle of Britain by looking at it from a socioeconomic perspective. The author discusses how conditions of poverty built up prior to the war, creating a sense of destitution among the British people. But once the Battle of Britain begun, the British came together to support the British war effort. Feeling increasingly helpless leading up to the war, the British people felt increasingly competent and proud of their nationality and abilities. The unity against the Germans felt by the British transcended class lines and created new expectations of their government following the war.

As stated, the author essentially takes a socioeconomic approach to the Battle of Britain. He focuses on the economic conditions of the British people and its relationship with the Battle of Britain. He discusses how the Battle of Britain brought the British together and ultimately gave them a vision for postwar Britain.

The author takes an interesting approach looking at the Battle of Britain from a socioeconomic perspective rather than a military or political perspective. He almost seems to take a before, during, and after approach. He looks at the British socioeconomic condition before the Battle of Britain, then discusses how that changed during the Battle of Britain and how that experience shaped their expectations for the future of their country. Another unconventional (or maybe not) approach the author takes is that the Battle of Britain actually increased British morale. It might seem odd that being invaded would increase a peoples’ morale. He doesn’t even seem to argue that the victory in the Battle of Britain restored British morale. Rather, he seems to suggest the invasion itself restored British morale by giving the British people purpose. It is an unconventional approach, but the author does a good job of supporting it. For me, this article is useful to me in writing my paper in that it supports the traditional notion that the British people helped win the Battle of Britain through willpower.

Word Count: 336

Thomas, Adam. “From Depression to Victory: A Record of Growing British
Determination during the Battle of Britain.” Air Power History 63 (Spring
2016): 6-13. http://login.ezproxy.lib.vt.edu/

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