Research on Different National Perspectives Kayla Mizelle

For my research, I started by looking through history that most excites me to see if there were different national perspectives associated with it. I wanted to figure out if there were any different perspectives related to the counterculture. I started with a google search and went from there. I mostly found common misconceptions related to the counterculture. To list a few, only 10% of students identified with the new left, Woodstock was not the only festival of its kind, etc. While I found this search interesting it is not what I think I’d like to do my research on and spend my time on. I think I am more interested in the way things are differently taught in school.

Last week I read the article about how Canadians teach the war of 1812 differently than Americans. I found that very interesting. The fact that the historiography is so different and is only really only that way based on where you live is so interesting. I had no idea that I was being taught about a way totally different than other students my age. I think I would like to find something similar to that to do my research. I have thought about maybe finding a way to see how other countries teach the war on terror differently than Americans. Or maybe seeing the way northern schools in America teach the civil war vs the way that the south teaches the civil war. I think I definitely want to include a piece in the conclusion about how I would teach both sides to get students more interested in the material.

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