In Defense of History and Postmodernism

Richard Evan’s wrote the book “In Defense of History” in 1997 to fight of those who believe in Postmodernism.  In order to explain this, we must first define postmodernism. According to Merriam Webster, postmodernism can be defined as:  of, relating to, or being a theory that involves a radical reappraisal of modern assumptions about culture, identity, history, or language [1]. In simple terms, it is a belief that all accounts of history are constructs. They were someones interpretations of what happened. It also says that writing objective history is pointless and impossible. [2] One version of history cannot be proved true more than another.

Richard J. Evans [3]
Evan’s talks about how it is possible to piece sources together and produce “fair and adequate accounts” of history. He goes on to say that if postmodernism is true, the accounts of those that believe that the Holocaust was a myth should be as reliable as first hand accounts of those that were present in concentration camps.

Evans believes that analyzing postmodernism can prove that it is impossible for it to be fully true. History can be pieced together in order to create a broad story of what most likely happened.





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