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Comment on The Student Paradox by jmm12

When one thinks of the 60s, they often assume that all college age students were “hippies” and place them into category that incorrectly generalizes what most college students were like during the time. While the “hippies” and student protesters did make waves in the media and around the country, a solid portion of the college students were not like that. As you mention in your analysis, not all student protesters were fighting for causes that we often think of students protesters fighting for. It is perceived that college students protested Vietnam or rights for homosexuals, but often they were fighting for the opposite views as well. You covered some important points in you post with some good analysis. Nice work

Comment on The Student Paradox by nalac

Your analysis of the stereotypes and minorities of student groups raises awesome points about the vast differences between groups. You reminded me of how important it is to consider both the violent and the peaceful efforts, from the white, black, and …

The Student Paradox

Throughout the turbulent decade of the 1960s, student activists were often responsible for creating some of the most powerful images as well as the most profound political impacts of the time period. From organizing sit-ins to large scale protests against the Vietnam War, a surface level perspective of this time period would have us believe … Continue reading “The Student Paradox”