• Just another regular student?

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    I just finished reading through some of the HRC blogs and commenting on one of them. I was surprised by a couple of things. One,  just how many contributors there were! and how few actually interested me personally…and two, how creative and informative some of the posts were.  I stumbled upon one student who didn’t include a lot of text, but briefly described a type of art they found ineresting and then uploaded a bunch of examples.  This was actually really cool! But, as it was, I didn’t feel knowledgeable enough to leave what I would consider a substantial comment about the art blog.  I came across many students talking about the immense amounts of work they have to do and catch up on over Spring Break and all of the tests they have to study for in order to apply for *insert some sort of higher education insitution here.*  It’s funny, because the stress really does start early.  These student’s are incredibly busy now, and, if they do continue, they will only have less free time… I’m begining to think the kinds of people who continue on in education are a bit masochistic…I suppose I’m including myself here.

    I continued reading and stumbled across a blog that was talking about the possibility of studying abroad and short trip they had recently taken with their family to visit a family member in the Peace Corps in Africa.  This took me back to the place in and experiences of formal education that are not so formal and so very enriching.  I was privileged undergraduate student, I was on a full scholarship, I had a close knit cohort of fellow Honor’s Scholars and faculty advisers who provided support to those who were truly interested and guidance even for those who were not. I was able to study abroad and spend six months on the tiny island of Malta (among other places I wandered around Europe).   All of these factors and experiences have almost pulled me down my current educational path.  It’s true that I took initiative and worked and applied and went through all of the turmoil and stress that accompanies not knowing exactly where you will be in life, but in the end, it worked out for me.  How different would my college experience have been if I had not gotten into the program I did? Did not receive the scholarship I did? Did not have access to faculty members who were seriously interested in my success for no reason other than because they admitted me? To not register for classes early, to wait and register for classes with everyone else? If I did not have my close group of “other special students?”  How would my experience be different if I were “just another regular student?”


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    • It is amazing how much our peers, professors, and opportunities affect us and where we choose to go. I think professors tend to forget the power they have in changing a student’s mind. I know that I am where I am because of one professor. He changed everything. As teachers, we have to remember that.

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