CREATe Trip to Denmark

The VT CREATe team along with hosts from DTU wind energy had an outstanding visit to the Middelgruden Offshore Wind Farm today via a fishing boat (see the photo). Weather was warm but overcast, waves were small, wind was moderate. Turbine noise was all but imperceptible, possible due to moderate winds causing light loading. More…

Stormy weather ahead for wind farms?

CREATe’s Ricardo Burdisso is part of an international team to study the vibrations of wind turbines at a large Chilean wind farm along with health impacts on nearby residents. The goal is to make wind turbines more acceptable. Full Story

Turbine blades inspired by owl feathers could boost efforts to increase wind farming, sustainable energy

CREATe members, Ian Clark, Nathan Alexander and William Devenport, leading an international team of researchers with members from Florida Atlantic University, Lehigh University, and Cambridge University, say a turbine blade inspired by the downy covering of owl feathers may offer a way to reduce noise from engines or wind farms. Their results were presented this…