Wall-Jet Wind Tunnel Construction and Calibration – Finished!

Below is a photo of the aeroacoustics groups and new wall jet tunnel. Undergraduate students Jonathan Schwaner, Lee Organski, and Vidya Vishwanathan worked in a combined effort with the AOE machine shop to build the new tunnel.


(Back row – Left to right: Agastya Balantrapu, Dr. Nathan Alexander, Dr. William Devenport,

Christopher Hickling, Jon Schwaner, Aaron Defreitas. Front row – Left to right: Russell Repasky

Stephanie Hoang, Vidya Vishwanathan, Lee Organski.)


The primary objective of the Wall Jet Wind Tunnel project was to redesign and build an improved wind tunnel based on the original, designed by Virginia Tech graduate Dustin L. Grissom (Ph.D, 2007). In addition to the acoustic criteria of the tunnel, the new design required modularity, such that the various sections could be easily disassembled and relocated when necessary. The major components of the wall-jet wind tunnel are: the motor section, which provides the source of flow through the tunnel, the settling chamber, which provides an acoustic treatment to the flow by fully isolating unwanted blower noise from the test section, the nozzle section, which precisely accelerates the flow to the desired velocity, and the anechoic test chamber, where the test section is set up with high precision aeroacoustics instrumentation, isolated from any outside noise.

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