Reflections on Blogging

Blogging about blogging…meta reflection seems appropriate for the end of the semester.

It’s not that there aren’t a bunch of other topics I could blog about.  I actually have a list of thoughts I wanted to compose posts about on my desktop right now.  It’s just that…well, blogging keeps falling flat for me.

I have not been a good blogger in class.  I had a personal blog that I struggled to keep going after 2 years and have neglected for 6 months now.  I used to love to write…I still do (sort of).  I wondered for a long time why I couldn’t seem to get into it, and it only hit me at the end of this semester, when I starting thinking about how much I enjoyed the GEDI class but not the blogging.

After a while, blogging starts to feel like shouting at the sky.  I’m not interested in proclaiming my opinions or thoughts to the world – I want to have discussions.  I have a pretty good idea of my own ideas and perspective, I want to hear others!  I want to hear other people’s ideas for solutions.  I even want to hear when I’m wrong…in a gentle way of course 🙂 Problem is, most of my posts get no feedback, and this has also been true historically in my personal blog.

This realization has also made clear to me how important it is to post my own comments to other people’s blogs.  In the past I wouldn’t comment unless I felt I had something super worthwhile to contribute, but just now I’m realizing how important even a simple “I agree with you” can be for fostering a sense that when we blog, we are communicating to other people and not just writing in a diary.  That’s something I forgot to mention – I’ve never kept a journal or diary because I never could stand it.  It always struck me as navel gazing – I want input from the outside!  I get to listen to the inside of my own head enough, thank you vey much.

I realize and agree there is value in writing out our thoughts even if just for ourselves –  it can clarify and help us recognize patterns or something in ourselves/our topic we might otherwise not.  However I feel the blogging platform’s strength also lies in the peer to peer communication potential it offers, not just in being a public diary.  When there is no sense of dialogue, no comments, it does just become a public diary.

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2nd year DVM/PhD student at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Studying immunology, vet medicine and aiming to stay in academia.
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