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Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive pedagogy is not necessarily a term that I believe most people are familiar with. In a previous class, I had to do more research to figure out what exactly this referred to and there are actually several definitions. Essentially … Continue reading

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Authentic Teaching

Authentic teaching is something I have thought about in the past when I am in front of students. I have never taught a class before and teaching is not something that I hope to pursue in the future. However, within … Continue reading

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Authentic Assessment

Is this going to be on the test? That is just one of the few questions that students care about in a classroom. Assessing how students are comprehending course material has become the most important part of education; rather then … Continue reading

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Mindfulness, Learning, and Education

“Mindfulness is a flexible state of mind in which we are actively engaged in the present, noticing new things and sensitive to context.” Mindfulness is not something that is a priority in the learning process. As someone who struggled through … Continue reading

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Lectures and Engagement

Access to higher education continues to be an issue in Higher Education, but degree completion is a rising issue as well. “…one-third of students from even privileged socioeconomic backgrounds—top half of the income distribution, at least one parent with a … Continue reading

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Networked Learning

After reading Gardner Campbell’s Networked Learning As Experiential Learning, based on George Kuh’s work, I find myself having more questions. Kuh states that experiential learning includes mostly co-curricular activities such as: research, internships, service, and study abroad. However Campbell challenges … Continue reading

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Test Post


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