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Heading off to the big city

Looking out over Dubai from on top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. One of the many international experiences I received because of OIRED!

If you asked anyone with some knowledge of Virginia Tech to describe the university, what words do you think they would come up? Science? Technology? Engineering? Yes, those are words usually associated with a school that has the word “Tech” in its name. But for those of us who know it more intimately, the university is so much more. For me, Virginia Tech is a warm and close-knit community populated by some of the kindest and most brilliant people in the world.

Service to others underpins everything we do here. It’s even in our motto, Ut Prosim, “That I May Serve.” So it is with sadness that I announce my departure from Virginia Tech’s Office of International Research, Education, and Development. I will be leaving in a couple of days to start a new position at the Institute of International Education (IIE) in Washington, D.C. Continue reading »

First person account from Nepal

villagers in shelter

Villagers in a newly constructed shelter

Today’s post comes to us from a guest blogger: Sulav Paudel. Paudel is the Integrated Pest Management program coordinator at iDE-Nepal, an NGO in Nepal and a partner organization with our Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab. Paudel has a Master’s degree in entomology and international agriculture from Penn State. He has worked and studied in Brazil, Bangladesh, and Russia. He currently lives and works in Kathmandu. Here, he tells us what it was like to live through the recent Nepali earthquakes.

As I write this blog post on Tuesday, May 12, earlier this afternoon another big earthquake, of magnitude 7.3, has struck Nepal. It was just starting to feel normal again, after the first earthquake, but now people are again afraid to go inside their homes and offices, and most of them are staying and sleeping outside. The fear is more as now people don’t know when the next earthquake will hit again. Continue reading »

Insight into Armenia: Our Visitor to the U.S.A

MAB ad for Metro

This is a subway ad for the program.

This month, InnovATE/Armenia is hosting Vardan Urutyan, director of the International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE) and the Agribusiness Teaching Center (ATC) for a three-week visit. The main objective of his trip is to connect with the Armenian-American community in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., and Florida to strengthen and establish connections with supporters and potential donors. Continue reading »

Join the OIRED “Clean Commute” Bike Gang

By choosing to walk to your next meeting, ride your bike to work, or telecommute – we could win free breakfast!

Care to take the Clean Commute Challenge with OIRED?

Join the OIRED "Clean Commute" Bike Gang

Join the OIRED “Clean Commute” Bike Gang

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