Strategic Thinking

Universities are expected to keep up with the advances in different aspects of their society. The gap is constantly growing and changes are inevitable. Therefore, educational institutes are required to be equipped with new models and new thinking strategies to conform to the changes.  In order to be a strategic thinker one should be aware of influencing factors in such a dynamic system, find the extent to which each of them influence the system and generally have an overview of the interconnected network. It is important to note that these elements are interacting within a context. Therefore, it can be viewed two ways; individual-system interaction and system-society interaction. I want to point out to the scales that exist in the system and the diverse range of factors that should be considered. It is interesting how a comprehensive view is required to be a subtle observer and thinker. There is also another contributing parameter which is time dependency in these systems. In every step of thinking, it is necessary to have a view of future and be able to predict factors that may contribute to system evolution such as technology, societal and economic development. It implies a multi disciplinary and cross disciplinary knowledge to comply with different aspects of these dynamic systems.

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