Suspension in Admission to German, Religious Studies and Classics in Pittsburgh University

“Long considered one of public higher education’s finest destinations for graduate work in the humanities, the University of Pittsburgh has cut off admissions to master’s and doctoral programs in German, religious studies, and classics in response to reduced state aid.” []

This decision is mainly due to the budget cut in Pittsburg University. Some groups are accepting this decision and some call it irresponsible. University officials declared that it was a necessary action due to the current financial situation.

The classics chair and German chair criticized this decision not only unexpected but also the way that it was taken was not acceptable. As stated, they were officially called and were informed that the decision to suspend these programs was going to take into effect.

Students in other programs within the College of Arts and Sciences are worried as they concern to have the same trend in their programs. However, an official agent said that it was not a planned decision and admissions are suspended temporarily but didn’t state anything about the possibility of closing these programs. It is more than a simple decision as many students and staff will be affected if they decide to close the programs. A university spokesman revealed that those students that have already been involved can finish their programs and those who have admission are allowed to come. That’s where some people have been worried about the elimination of those departments. Students are requesting through online petitions to restore admissions for these programs.

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