Unemployment Rate in Higher Education

Reading this post, http://blogs.lt.vt.edu/bram/2012/03/27/is-there-really-only-one-job-for-a-ph-d/, I came across some issues about the relationship between supply and demand of job opportunities. In societal level, there are varieties of factors affecting job opportunities that mainly stem from social and economical construct of the society. It is interesting to know that a campaign called “occupy movement” has started which is directed towards social and economic inequality. The aim of the campaign is to address social injustice but it also encompasses job opportunity issues.

At higher education, there is a correlation between graduate student enrollment and unemployment rate in society. But the point is how higher education can increase job market. Will providing more faculty positions affect circulating currency in the industry? Higher education has been known as a key component for economic development that is able to control external factors that affect its modality. So in terms of controlling unemployment rate, more attention should be paid to the higher education and specifically research universities.

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