Implementing Technology in Social Learning: Augmented Reality

Widespread use of technology is affecting our daily life. On the spectrum between virtual reality and real world, augmented reality is trying to make events in metaphorical space closer to our real world.

One of the aims of social learning is to create a community. Technology is not able to replace human interactions but it can be an essential component in service learning. Every day people spend several hours in popular technologies, but the question is whether spending time in such types of social networking is harmful? At least it will affect the ways in which people are communicating, collaborating and social networking. These technologies influence our life styles and social constructs. Not surprisingly, these transformations have had impact in education too. The thing is cognitive implication of these technologies and overcoming challenges to achieve a standard learning strategy. One of the programs in educational institutions is to establish centers for implementing technology in education. Even the method that such workspaces are designed affects learning process. Generally what is more important is the appropriateness of the application of technology for educational purposes.

In response to this blog about group working,, I think implementing technology in schools help students to collaborate with each other and give them an attribute of system thinking. So, technology can inspire group working. Anyway it can’t replace teaching, it is just a tool.

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