Manage Your Carrier

One of the most common questions I hear from graduate students is how to have a successful carrier and prepare for the academic job market. In my opinion, it is not just to be successful in job market but to be proactive and lead academic carrier with high performance. It is the matter of continuously looking for the opportunities that help us grow in professional and personal life. We should try to maintain the right attitude and be flexible as we move through our carriers.

We should have a mind set and know ourselves, our strengths and values, to be successful leaders. Once we recognize what we want, we can be open to global changes and deal with the transitions while sustaining a work-life balance. In this era, we should direct our carrier based on the defined goals and empower our network connections to have a successful interaction with peers.

Ultimately, we should be prepared to face the challenges of the demanding world and be equipped with skills to socially and technically confront the challenges and emerging prospects in our professional carriers.


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