Another Perspective of Issues in Higher Education

I noticed the way that sequences of assignments are organized for this course. In my opinion, tasks are related and are designed to capture thoughts of students. So I decided to search about philosophy of assessment.

In most of theoretical classes, students are evaluated by tests, presentations and projects. Matrix is designed to evaluate students based on the ability to understand and adopt concepts. In new assessment philosophy, it is important to develop global consciousness among students and motivate them to participate in discussions. In my opinion, it should be designed to strengthen their creativity. In developing assessment programs there are several target domains. I will discuss them as cognitive domain, affective domain and participating domain.

In the cognitive domain, the essential goal is to assess reflective thinking of issues. Students should be able to identify a problem, make a hypothesis and explore consequences. So the focus is on the idea, collecting information, synthesizing data and anticipating outcomes. During this process, it is important to keep a global framework in investigations. Another domain is affective domain which is about orientations toward certain issues such as attitudes and values. Students are asked to develop sense of identity, curiosity, empathy with others’ views and are prepared to take stand for future issues. In a global sense, concerns are oriented to global issues within a global perspective. We try to internalize the value of being a global citizen and understand how the global system operates. In this domain instructions are made to develop a global consciousness among students. Another domain that is related to social actions is participating domain. Participating in social actions requires students to develop an understanding of how the whole system operates and orientations are toward making a more sustainable environment.

Items that are mentioned here focus on the development of the global efficacy. In this system students are asked to develop a global consciousness and be involved in participatory actions. These issues are becoming more interesting and needs to be delved more deeply.

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