Technology as a Tool for Learning Programs

Digital era has affected different components of higher education systems. It can be discussed from challenges it has brought to scholarship communities to social challenges. One of the notions in this regard is the effect of forming cyber communities in higher education systems. Cyber communities have existed for years as data collection centers, forums with defined goals and objectives and communication centers. In higher education, there are many cyberspace communities to fulfill the preset missions for educational purposes. They cover vast range of communications between different components of the educational system. People spend a lot of time in these cyberspaces to share attitudes and values with the crowd. Transferring connections from real world to the digital arena has its own drawbacks as it may results in misunderstanding, not being clear and precise. Many institutions are developing their communications in the digital arena that covers a diverse range of members and participants. In the direction of providing a more enriched higher education system, digital arena has affected learning strategies such as online courses, distance learning and information transfer. The effect of technology on educational systems is inevitable which needs to be considered for future educational strategies.


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