Comment on Why you white man have so much cargo and we New Guineans have so little? by alexrrobo

I definitely agree with you on many points in this blog, and especially appreciate the extra information on the crops that you looked up. However, would you agree with me if I said I believe there are more than just 14 domesticated species? I would agree that on a LARGE scale, 14 have been widely domesticated. But domestication IS possible to almost any animal, examples being the killer whale that puts on a show at Seaworld, Shamu I believe? Or the lion in this video, (I love that video). Not a gigantic point, but definitely something to think about!

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Comment on Geographic and Anthropogenic Influence on Ecosystems by Camilla

Interesting thoughts about animal use. To what extent are we responsible for the animals we have domesticated? Is it wrong that we let those dogs and cats die, or is it part and parcel of having domesticated them to begin with? Having domesticated animals, even simply as a co-evolutionary process in which we had little true choice, as Stiner and Harnik seem to argue, must we continue to care for these animals? Ethically, do we owe domestic animals anything? Do they owe us anything in return? Are the deaths of those dogs and cats worse than the deaths of all the animals we use for food production?
I suppose I am getting more philosophical than this course is meant to be, but as a vegetarian and an animal science major (a field with a large focus on meat production), I have thought a lot about these sorts of questions.

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Comment on Why you white man have so much cargo and we New Guineans have so little? by bmidas

Crops do exist that can grow in places where just a few decades ago it would have been unthinkable. I think the problem is just having access to a cereal crop isn’t enough to make up the huge wealth disparity that exists between the rich and the poor. Or that the crops don’t thrive enough to bridge the gap.

As for still having specific major titles, I agree that all fields are coming together, or have never really been that far apart to begin with, but the scope of knowledge is so great, I think having something more all encompassing would be difficult. I think there is just to much stuff to allow for less specific majors. 4 years isn’t enough time to learn everything to a meaningful degree, so we have to make it more specific. I feel like this is a somewhat lame excuse because I agree, majors should be less specific, I just think given the short amount of time spent in college it would be impractical.

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