Progress Report 4/10

What I have accomplished:

Before I could even begin working on my project I needed to think of a story that I wanted to base it off of. The reason I chose Rapunzel was because I am in love with the movie “Tangled” and how Disney modernized it. I thought it would be really fun to make Rapunzel be a teenager and have her use social media as an outlet for venting about her life.

So far I have completed my whole outline for my project. Before I began shooting and editing the video I wanted to make sure I had it completely done. I also have made and authorized the “Rapunzel” twitter account and began tweeting from it. I tried to make her tweets as ridiculous as possible because I feel that our generation sometimes takes social media messages too far and posts about every aspect of their lives.

I also downloaded all the music that I am going to put in my project except for the background music that I want to have playing throughout the whole project.


What I still need to do:

I still need to actually compose my video. I am planning to do that this weekend, but I am just not sure what type of equipment I want to use. Using my phone would be easiest (especially because I just got a new one) but I am not sure how the quality would be if I did that. Also since I am probably going to be videotaping myself I do not know how I would mount the camera so it records professionally. But before I rent out any cameras from the innovation space or the new Moss Arts Center I need to make sure that they are either compatible with my computer or that I am able to access Virginia Tech computers.

After I begin putting the video together I then need to go through and see if I need to add in any more scenes or tweets to have it all flow cohesively and make sense. I also still have not decided if I am going to have a friend pose as Nicholas or not. But all the extra information such as tweets, costumes, locations, etc. will all come together as I begin to compose the video.



I know that I will be able to have the project done on time because I have been working diligently to get the outline and storyboards done. The reason I am going to try and get the videotaping done this weekend is because I’m not sure how extensive the editing is going to be or how long it will take. I wanted to give myself enough time so I would not have to be working on the project the night before it is due. I love how this project gives us the freedom to be creative and come up with our own storylines rather than follow a strict rubric.

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  1. tengrrl
    17 Apr ’14 @ 3:24 pm

    Looks like you’re on target, Erin. I like the way you are thinking about your decisions and planning your work.


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