First Draft Revision Plan 4/15

What were the strengths of my draft that I should be sure to keep?

  • The strengths of my draft are definitely the modern tweets that I created. As Rachel was reading my storyboard she seemed really interested because she kept laughing. I also think that what makes my project stand out is the use of modern music as well. By incorporating music that everyone in the class will know will keep them engaged and interested.

What design choices were problematic, and how can I revise these?

  • The design choices that I found to be problematic were the sound choices. The only reason I say that they are problematic is because I need to download a “cover” version of them off of Creative Commons. I can’t use the original version because that would cause copyright issues and I definitely do not want that to be a factor in my project.

What rhetorical choices seemed out of a place in my draft, and how can I better attend to my audience, purpose, context, and genre?

  • The only things that seemed out of place in my draft would be the music audio. Like I said before, I just need to be able to get audio that does not cause any copyright issues.

What multimodal elements can I add to revise to strengthen the rhetorical effect and credibility of my report?

  • Some multimodal elements that I can incorporate into my report is movement and color. When I say movement I am referring to the transitions between the video, audio, and screenshots of my tweets. I want to have a lot of movement (but not too much) because I do not want people to get bored. The reason I want to have a lot of bright colored graphics is because the whole project is mocking our generation. The more obnoxious the colors are, the more over-the-top the video will be, which reinforces what I want the audience to get out of the video.

What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise?

  • I do not think there is TOO much that I still need to revise because Rachel did not have too much constructive criticism to give me. I also did not realize that you could download FinalCut Pro onto your personal computer, and since I have a lot of practice with using this program I am going to try to download that so I do not have to use iMovie. This way the project will come out a lot more professional and I would have a lot more fun working on it!

Given the time and technology constraints of this project, what can I reasonably revise before the next due date? What else would need revision that I don’t have time to complete but should complete, given enough time and resources?

  • Before next date I plan to have my audio and video because then I can actually have a piece to show the class. The reason that I do not have too much information and clips to revise is due to the fact that I have not completed the video section. The way iMovie works, is that I cannot begin dropping clips and screenshots down on the project until I have all of the sections. Once I have all of the sections I can move them around as I please.

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  1. tengrrl
    17 Apr ’14 @ 3:27 pm

    Your plan looks good, Erin. In terms of music, you can use a short snippet sampled from the original artist normally. If everyone is likely to know the song, a few seconds of it will probably be enough. If you want longer pieces, though, you’re probably right to be going for creative commons audio.


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