Blog Post 4/8

What I did:

Today I completed finished my outline and I am really excited about it!! I have begun downloading some of the music that I want to include in my story as well putting those songs into their own Playlist on iTunes. By doing this I now I have structured vision of how I want my story and project to play out exactly. I would post a picture of my storyboard to the blog but I want it to be a complete surprise when I finally put it together! I also began tweeting more tweets that I created today, but I can’t post them all yet because I have to take some “selfies.” It may sound a little strange, but I promise it is going to come out good. This weekend I am going to check out a camera from either innovation space or the MOSS Arts Center so I can actually begin production.

Why I did it:

Today was my last day that I wanted to spend on creating the story because I know that the production is going to take a long time. This way when I am on campus tomorrow or sometime later this week I can check out the equipment that I am going to need and make my project a reality. I decided that I want to use the cameras that Virginia Tech provides before I use my own because I know they will be better quality and the computer labs are compatible with their software. Since we have been spending the remainder of the semester working on this project I want to make sure it comes out exactly how I vision it rather than just a sloppy version.

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