Blog Post 4/3

What I did:

Today I continued to work on my storyboard. What I enjoyed about class today is that I was able to compose real tweets and tweeted them from Rapunzel’s account. I wanted the tweets to mock our generation of teenagers and “young adults” who tweet regularly so the tweets are more comical than serious. I felt that I was able to complete this by adding goofy and annoying hashtags that people do not normally do. I also began picking songs that I want to play for background noise as well as songs in between tweets and video. I looked at the most popular songs from 2013 as well as 2014 so I could refresh myself as to what our generation loves to listen to. This was helpful because I was able to add a point in the video where Rapunzel is dancing in front of the camera to “Call Me Maybe.”

Why I did it:

Everyday is a work in progress, which is cool because I am able to see my work come to life more and more each day. Although I do not need to draw out my own storyboard, it is so much easier when I begin to film to see a picture rather than to read text. The reason I chose “Call Me Maybe” is because it is a popular song that everyone will know- and I guarantee they will all laugh when it comes on. Also because this is the point in the story where Rapunzel is messaging back Nicholas and giving him her number, so it fits perfectly! I hope that I can find more upbeat and fun songs that would work with the theme of the story!

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  1. tengrrl
    6 Apr ’14 @ 12:47 am

    This sounds perfect, Erin. I SOOOOO want to peek at your project again on Tuesday.


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