Blog Post 4/24

What I did:

I finally was able to add the tweets into my timeline with all my video segments. I was having some technically difficulties getting the twitter screenshots fitting on the screen, so I asked Rachel to help me. The problem was that iMovie was on the setting called “Ken Burns” which moved the image around the screen slowly. All I had to do was click on “fit” (or there was an option for “crop”) and that fixed the issue right away. So today I worked on fitting all of my images into my timeline and mixing them with the video. I also realized that I forgot to add some images to iMovie to download so I also began sending them to my e-mail, saving them on my desktop and importing them into iMovie. I promise, it is not as difficult as it seems!

Why I did it:

The reason I fit all the images rather than using Ken Burns was because I wanted the audience to be able to read the entire tweet. With Ken Burns it cropped half of the image and was very blurry so I just did not like the way it looked. The reason I had to send the pictures to my e-mail, save them to my desktop and then import them into iMovie rather than just connecting them with my phone was because iMovie was not showing that I had any new images to import even though I did…gotta love technology!!

Today I also found out that iMovie has built in animation sounds such as crickets, or a train horn or basic sounds like that which I didn’t know before. This is definitely going to come in handy throughout my project!

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