Blog Post 4/17

What I did:

Today I was not in class but I still continued to work on my project. I finally recorded myself and began uploading the images and audio into iMovie. This took a long time because I had to shoot as well as upload so I did not get too much editing completed yet. I also downloaded the music from Creative Commons because I do not want to run into any legal issues. Depending on how much audio I decide to use will depend on  how well the music corresponds with the video and audio pieces.

Why I did it:

The reason I took all these steps were because my project would not be able to be edited or worked on if I did not have the audio. I’m excited to see what the final project turns out!

(I know for this reflection today we had to do more of a “self-analysis” after the presentation but I was not sure if the presentation was 4/17 in class or if it on 4/22)

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