Blog Post 4/1

What I did:

Today I continued working on my storyboard and storyline of the project. At the same time I am drawing my pictures and images in my storyboard, I am typing in a word document what I am going to say in each picture so they correlate with one another. Below I have a picture of my storyboard thus far, so represent how much I complete each class period. It is not the most detailed or perfect storyboard, but it has all my ideas on it and I can understand it. I got stuck at some points because I am not quite sure how I want to transition between the videos and the screenshots of the tweets.



Why I did it:

The reason I set my project up like this is because this is how I learned to keep my work orderly in high school. I am a very visual person so when I see this I know exactly how it is going to look when I put it together. I also have my work written in a word document (but I didn’t post a photo). I didn’t post a photo because that work will be represented in my final video and the audience will not be able to understand it completely. I felt that I got a good amount of work done today, it is all just very time consuming.

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