Blog Post 3/27

What I did:

Today in class we went around and all discussed our projects that we are working on. I thought this was a really good idea because I was able to see what my classmates are doing and how they compare and contrast to my project. It seems that we all are on the same page that social media plays a huge role in society and we are all incorporating it in our project as much as we can. Today I began making my twitter account and Facebook page so I can begin brainstorming ideas for Rapunzel’s tweets and status’s. But before I could begin making her profiles I needed to make her an e-mail so the accounts would be set up properly.

When I finally set up the twitter account I had to choose pictures and information that made Rapunzel seem like a real person. This took some time because I wanted to get the right pictures, but I will explain why I chose the ones I did in the section below. I also had to set up a twitter location, and a little biography about her.

Why I did it:

Today’s class was really fun because I began to make Rapunzel come to life. After I created her account I decided that I was going to use pictures of myself on the Facebook and twitter account because in the video I am going to pretend to be her; this way I will stay consistent throughout my project. I found the PERFECT picture of myself looking like Rapunzel because my hair and make-up are done like her’s and I am smiling to the camera- I felt that this picture embodied Rapunzel and decided to make that the twitter picture. As for her location, I want this project to be very lighthearted and funny so I am still working on something catchy. Her background is also going to be a picture of a tower because she is mocking her life and all she has ever known.

Next class I plan to work on the Facebook page. I want to have all of the pages set up before I start composing tweets and status’s because I want to have a clear path.

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