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When approaching this project I wanted to make sure that I picked a story that I could connect to or one that I enjoyed a lot. Because this project is going to last us the rest of the semester I also tried to pick a story that has multiple versions or can be interpreted in various ways.

The story that I have chosen is Rapunzel. The reason that I chose Rapunzel is because when I was looking through a list of stories I enjoyed reading when I was growing up and saw this on the list, I immediately thought of the Disney movie, Tangled. I love that movie (even though I am a sophomore in college) and I thought it would be really cool to see what others ways I could approach telling it. How I have decided to remix the story is by making Rapunzel a modern-day girl (in the 21st century) and having her document her experiences with the Prince and her “mother” through twitter and social media. The way I want to incorporate all the modes of communication is by possibly making a video to assist the tweets as well, such as iMovie or an app like that. This way, I can add aural, (whether it be Rapunzel narrating her tweets, or music to set the mood for the way she is feeling), visuals (she might want to take some “selfies”) gestural, (the way this all flows together) linguistic (her grammar within her tweets), and spatial (how I compose the video).

Although my tweets will all have to be composed the same way because they are through the twitter app, the context within the tweets will change. The design choices will come through in pictures and in the overall video when I combine the tweets together to tell the story.

I’m not sure if this would make sense, but if any pictures are taken, I can pretend like I am Rapunzel because I have long blonde hair and I think it would make the project unique. There are still some minor details I need to figure out, but I am really excited about my start so far!

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  1. tengrrl
    24 Mar ’14 @ 11:36 pm

    I like the ideas you have here, Erin. The range of social networking your version of Rapunzel might do sounds like fun!


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