How To Make a Social Media Graphic

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The graphic that I have chosen to design (although you have the freedom to pick any one you want) is a social media graphic. Upon clicking on the option to begin designing one, this is the first screen that you will be brought to. As you can see, on the left side of the page is a list with different tabs where you can pick a layout, text, background, upload your own images, and even search the web. If you decide to search the web, you can search over 1,000,000 images, which will really make your project unique.  Canva creates multimodality through visual, linguistic, and gestural features. These modes assist the author in creating a crisp, professional website. Here are pictures of each tab that you can click on to use to decorate your page:

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These are all the different options that you can choose to tailor your design to your liking. All of these tabs and layouts apply with any design that you decide to do. Having the website use visual, linguistic, and gestural modes make it versatile and easy for the author to adapt to any design or project they decide to do.

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I decided to pick the project called “Snapshots with friends” because I am making my social media design focused around St. Jude. Before picking a theme, you need to focus on what information you are trying to get out to your public. Since the majority of people know about St. Jude, I felt it was more important to incorporate pictures than words. By using pictures rather than words, it will operate in the visual mode and not in the linguistic mode. After you click your layout, there are open spaces where you are able to upload or drag-and-drop pictures. Being able to drag-and-drop pictures is an aspect of the gestural mode because it involves movement throughout the website. Once you upload and click on the squares, they fall right into place. One thing about Canva, which is good is that you are able to make the pictures and text as big or as small as you want them to be. For example; in this specific layout you are able to drag the pictures anywhere on the canvas and edit them how you want to. When you move the pictures or texts box’s around, small lines come across the screen which help you keep them all even with one another. This is a great use of the spatial mode because it can easily align images. The spatial mode is supportive of the website because it ensures that all of your pictures are parallel with one another, making the desing look overall cleaner and more professional.

Once I completed this I decided to change my background color because I thought it was too harsh against my pictures and against my message. But be careful when you are choosing which type of background you want because some are free, but the more elaborate ones cost money. I went with the sky because I felt that it fits the motto of St. Jude.

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After I made the background and pictures I wanted, I decided that the graphic was too harsh and I needed to lighten it up to make it unique. I went with a light yellow as the main bubble in the middle and then put at the bottom “Finding Cures. Saving Children” because that is the St. Jude motto. I wanted to make it look as natural with the clouds in the background as possible and not take away from the pictures on the design. The company that created Canva had a really good idea in mind because the “author” of the new project is able to mix the colors to make it any way they want it to be. This makes the website more versatile and adds a complexity to individualize your work. Considering everyone has different tastes and styles, it is always refreshing to be able to express yourself in that way without limitation.

Ultimately when using Canva, or any type of websites people should always look around the website and get a good feel for it. A great way to decide if this website is good for you is to use the “5 Starter Challenges” because then you will be able to see the websites difficulty, along with how well it supplements the project you are trying to complete. After this, the author should clearly be able to see if they like having all the design elements in the left section prepared for them, or if they want more freedom to create what they want.

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