Interrogate an Interface

I have decided to work with Canva, which is a website that is used for putting together designs that range from creating cards to photo collages and even business cards on your own. The URL for the site is:

Out of the five modes of communication, it uses all of them. Because the whole website is about designing different cards and features, the majority of people that create these things will have words on them. You cannot send an invitation to a birthday party without writing that people are invited-especially when it comes to writing the details of the party (where, when, directions, etc.). It is also very visually appealing because it has many different features that you can click on in order to decorate and design your project. It gives you a multitude of layouts which you are able to customize yourself with the size of the text, the color of the background and the specific images you use. Although the cards themselves do not have sound, there are many tutorials that you can watch that have sound to guide you. This is helpful because you can listen to the narrator while you are exploring the website. Because the site lets you customize how you want to design your product, it is really your call on how spatial you want the text/pictures to be. I’m still not 100% sure if the designs/cards themselves can have movement, BUT there is definitely a lot of movement while you create them because you are picking up different pictures and texts and moving them around on a page.

The target audience for this website would be people that want to publish their own designs very self-sufficiently. Canva gives anyone the tools to create a blog post to an invitation, which is a very large range of options. The purpose is for people who want to create a very unique design in their own time. The genre is anyone who wants to online publish any one of the tools they give, which makes these people the authors.

Canva has the organization of the website very simple and easy for people to use. I like that they have a lot of tutorials and even a “starter challenge” so people that are new to the website can become a little more comfortable before they dive into a project. There is a good proximity between each link they offer because they are not too close or too far and it’s not overwhelming. I think my favorite part of the website is the movement it has too.

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