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It took me a very long time to decide how I wanted my website to look. I really wanted my blog to have a lot of pictures because to me, pictures are worth a thousand words. But the first theme that I really loved I could not use because I could not figure out how to get more than two pictures on the main screen. Even after asking my peers, the ones who tried to use that theme also struggled and could not figure out how to get the pictures. So now I have Blogfolio as my theme and I really like it a lot. I have a very laidback personality so I knew that I wanted my color scheme to represent that about myself. I chose the color light pink because it is a very girly color and matches any other pastel colors. The way I picked these colors was by going into the Blogfolio tab, clicking on settings, and then clicking on styling. After clicking on this tab there are hundreds of different ways I can style my website; I just need to click one of the options on the side. I originally had a darker grey as the writing but after getting some feedback from the class I changed the font color to whites and lighter colors. (I did the same thing as before, by going into Blogfolio, settings, styling, and site logo. This gives me the option to change the font and color of all the different words I post to my blog. The reason I did this was because there was too harsh of a contrast between the light pink and dark grey, so the adjustment in color definitely made the website pop more.

I want all my information to be very straightforward with people so they do not need to be searching for too long to find what they are looking for. That is the reason I made my “About me” the very first thing that people see when they click on it. I like to be very upfront so by having pictures that describe who I am as the first thing people see when they click on my website was something very important to me. I also did this by going into the “styling” tab and clicking on the Background tab. This website is unique because I have designed it so people feel comfortable to comment on my posts and interact with me. When websites and blogs are too complicated and fancy, I get overwhelmed and it pushes me away from the website. I want people to feel as though they can connect with me and what I have to say-after all that is the reason to have a blog.

Considering I loved the whole “light” theme of my website I went with light pinks, whites and simple grays. I had a very difficult time deciding whether or not I wanted to keep the grays because it is so contrasting with the background. Ultimately I kept it because I thought it was a nice neutral color against the others and when I would try other colors and fonts it just made my website look weird.

I love the way my website is now, but I love the fact that it is easy to use and I can change it whenever I want.


Please note that all pictures on this site have been taken by myself.

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