Final Exam Reflection

Of all the projects we have completed over the course of the semester, I am proud of them all but there are definitely some things I would change. For this reflection, the project that I have chosen to focus on is the very first one where we created our own WordPress. I have never really created and designed my own website so when I found out that is what the project I was a little apprehensive about it. I had some issues when first creating my WordPress sight because the design that I originally chose was too complicated and I could not figure out how to adjust it in the way I had wanted.

The background was supposed to be circles of different shades of pink that overlapped with one another. The reason that this did not work was because there was awkward white space in between the bubbles so it made any color text be very awkward and distracting. So when I realized that this design would not work, I decided to just go with a simple one-colored background design called Themeify. I was able to edit the WorkPress through the Themeify tab where I had the freedom to customize all my settings. I think when creating the page I underestimated how long it would take me to understand what each tab meant. The specific tab where I was able to edit my sight was called Blogfolio and it ranged from settings, to styling, to skins, to a way to edit each page on the website. This was definitely overwhelming so I ended up just picking a light pink background color.

I really like the way this looks, but it raises difficulty when I am trying to find an appropriate font color to go on top of it. The white meshes very well with the website, but it is hard to find a variation of color for the different pages and titles that I have throughout the webpage. I would also like to try to add more pictures on the different pages of my blog. I find it a lot more interesting and interactive with my audience when they are able to see what I have visually created and not just have me write about it. As I briefly mentioned before, the original layout of my WordPress was suppose to be picture based because that expresses more of my personality than blog posts do. I feel as though that your blog should represent your personality and my page could represent mine a lot better.

Overall, I would start out changing my website by first doing some more research on WordPress sights before I actually began picking different themes. I think this would be helpful to do because I kept confusing myself when I had to switch back and forth between the background I originally tried to do and Themeify, which is what I went with. If there were a way I could change the background I would want my original idea with the circles to be it. Except rather than having the circles different shades of one color, I think it would be awesome if I could have circles of different shades with complementary colors. This way there would not be any awkward blank spaces, and I would be able to use more colors as the text! If you look below, this is along the lines of how I would want the background to look-but instead of it being black; I would want it to be white.

I also think that it would be cool to be able to see the comments at the bottom of the screen rather than just on the side. The reason I would have the comments down on the bottom is because you can’t really see them on the right side of the screen and no one is going to go out of their way to read them from the side. I would love for my blog to be interactive because that is the only way I will be able to connect to people. I also would create another tab that links the people looking at my blog to others blog that I have. The reason I would do this is because then my audience can see everything else that I do and how all my work relates to one another.

By making these changes I am confident that it would make my multimodal sight a lot more informative and interesting for people to look at. I would not only be having visual, and aural modes on the sight but special as well. By incorporating all of these modes into my WordPress it would definitely put me above and beyond. These are just a few of the changes I would really like to make to my blog, and I am sure that I will work on them in the summer when I have more time to learn about the in’s and out’s of WordPress!


(Above are the bubbles that I talked about having as my background)

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