Welcome to Erin Miller's Writing and Digital Media Blog!
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    Welcome to Erin Miller’s Writing and Digital Media Blog site! I am really glad you decided to see what I have to say!

About This Site and Myself

My name is Erin Miller and I am a sophomore at Virginia Tech. I am majoring in Multimedia Communication and minoring in Professional Writing. My dream is to become and anchor and a reportor for a well-known news station. In order to reach this dream I am taking baby steps. I am an active member of Delta Delta Delta sorority here at Virginia Tech and hold a position, which is very important to me. Because I am from New Jersey and it is so far away from Virginia, having this group of girls I can count on in something that I love. I also am a member of VT TV and Relay for Life and try to stay  involved as much as my schedule lets me. My family and friends are also incredibly important in my life because they provide me with support and love at all times!

This is a site dedicated to my progress in Writing and Digital Media. I will be updating it weekly on current projects and things that I find interesting throughout the course


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  1. Bob Miller
    25 Mar ’14 @ 6:42 pm

    Great Job Erin, Keep Up The Fantastic Work. LETS GO…..


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