New Resources for FY21

Collection Management works to build unique and dynamic collections of national significance to support all areas of scholarship at Virginia Tech. We regularly assess usage of our resources as we seek to maximize the value of our subscriptions and reflect emerging areas of research at the university. Through prudent management of our budget and data analysis we replace low-use subscriptions with new and requested resources. And, we purchase journal archives and e-book collections with one-time funds or end-of-year money. We do all this to improve access and expand the breadth and depth of the collection, and to save space by replacing and supplementing print resources with online.


  1. Current Sports Medicine Reports Archive
  2. Global Hip Hop Studies
  3. Times Literary Supplement Archive

Journal Collections

  1. ASCE Legacy Journals
  2. SAE Journals


  1. Access World News – 2021 update with expanded access
  2. Adam Matthew Digital Core Portfolio, 19 new titles plus additional backfile content
  3. African Americans and Reconstruction, 1865-1883 (VIVA)
  4. African Americans and Jim Crow, 1883-1922 (VIVA)
  5. Digital National Security Archive, new modules 51-56
  6. Gale Archives of Sexuality and Gender, Part 4
  7. Illuminating Engineering Society Lighting Library
  8. Indigenous Peoples of North America (VIVA)
  9. JoVE Unlimited
  10. Lexicomp Online
  11. McGraw-Hill AccessEngineering
  12. McGraw-Hill AccessScience
  13. Making of the Modern World, Part 3
  14. SAGE Business Cases 2019 – 2021

E-book Collections

  1. American Association Physics Teachers Book Archive
  2. American Institute of Physics Book Collection 1
  3. American Phytopathological Compendium Collection
  4. GALE Diversity Bundle (VIVA)
  5. JOVIS Architecture Ebooks
  6. Major Reference Works from Cambridge, Elsevier, Gale, Salem Press, Wiley, and World Scientific, 45 titles
  7. Morgan and Claypool Synthesis 11
  8. Oxford Clinical Psychology
  9. Punctum Books Supporting Membership
  10. Taylor and Francis Deep Backfile Ebook Archive
  11. Veterinary Clinics of North America Equine Practice Backfile
  12. Veterinary Clinics of North America Exotic Animal Practice Backfile

Streaming Media

  1. Academic Video Online (VIVA)
  2. Digital Theatre+
  3. Docuseek2 Complete Collection (VIVA)
  4. SAGE Counseling & Psychotherapy, Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Nursing Video Collections (VIVA)


  1. Black Historical Newspapers from ProQuest, 12 new titles
  2. Guardian and Observer
  3. Roanoke Times, 1990-2019 full-page image edition
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