Project 3 (4/24/2014)


Searched for more sound effects I searched for more sound effects and found everything I need for the first of the four parts now. I know exactly what type of sounds I am looking for the next parts I just haven’t found quite the right ones yet. This shouldn’t take too much longer since I will be focusing on it for at least an hour or so each day until I find them all.

I haven’t done anything else except search for sound effects since Tuesday of this week. This is the last step of my project so until I turn it in this is probably all of what I will be doing.

Project 3 (4/22/2014)


Finished editing the videos base material All 4 major parts of the video are now completely edited for Narration and music. All transitions are set and all visual effects are done. This took another Narration session and most of Saturday to finalize.
Equalized the sound the best I could. I wen’t back through all of my edits and tried to normalize the sound to match better. Now the video is more level across parts in regard to audio.
Finished the main credits I created and finished the credits to the current point the video is finished. By this I mean that I put all of my used resources in the credits and set everything timing wise. Anything else that I add into the project from this point on will get directly recorded into the credits so I can keep track of what I am using from this point on.

In short, I am 95% done with the project now. All I have left is adding in after effects. This includes snow sounds, wind, ice effects and anything else I deem necessary. I expect this to not take long, the hardest part about it is just finding the best open source resources.

Project 3 (4/17/2014)


Captured 3/4 of the narration for the video As of right now I have recorded a little over 3/4 of the narration for the video. The first three parts of the video now have full narration and all that’s left is part 4 which I will be doing either tomorrow morning or this weekend. This is important since I now know exactly where the rest of the video stands and how I wan’t the rest to come across in relation to the narration already done.
1/2 of the video is edited Half of the video is now done being edited. It accounts for about 3 minutes of the video and the rest of the parts will hopefully go smoother since I am now comfortable with the process. The builds I have done now act as next to final cuts that can have sound effects added to them as needed later on during post production.
Edited existing pictures for better quality Since last Tuesday I also have done some editing to the photos I have been working with to increase the quality. This includes a lot of using white backgrounds to contrast colors or decease in pixelated images. The images already are looking twice as good which has made a big difference on the cuts I have finished up to this point.

In summation, I am getting closer to finishing the project and only have one more narration session and one more heavy editing session. Once these are completed, I will only have to make final tweaks and changes before being 100% done.

Revision Plan (4/15/2014)

Strengths of my draft

The main strength of my draft as I see it right now is that it correctly gets across what I’m trying to do. Both peers that looked at my project figured out very quickly that my project is playing off of the fact that Calvin and Hobbes is not meant to be serious. This is the most important part of my project and as the quality of the video gets better, the message will only get stronger. So, the feeling/layout/effects are all important to keep at this point and just need to be tweaked majorly as I prepare the final draft.

Problematic design choices

The hardest part so far in the design is getting high quality images for all of the scenes I am making. A lot of my resources are from images taken directly from the comic. This means that a lot of the images are very small in dimensions and when blown up to video quality start getting pixelated. So far my video has these original files unedited, but as I am editing the final version, I am placing them on a bigger white backdrop to reduce pixelation and increase the overall quality.

What rhetorical choices seemed out of place

At this stage it doesn’t seem like any are. The audience is clear from the start, the purpose is well defined in the videos presentation, the context is appropriate and the genre is, albeit nontraditional, fitting.

What multimodal elements can I add to strengthen the project

The biggest part need to add to the rest of the project is the music and audio cues. As in any horror movie, audio cues are important to get across the tension and point. I currently have only one and would like to add more to make the project better. Also, music is important and I plan to add more fitting music to the rest of the video.

What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise

The most important changes I need to consider at this point are the transitions and panning effects. For a 5 minutes video, panning will get very old fast so I need to add in some interesting effects to keep the viewers attention. Everything else in the project seems to be coming together as planned so I don’t think I need to change them necessarily.

Given time and technology, what can be revised by the due date

Given how the project is going so far, I am confident that the project can implement all revisions and finish on time without a problem. I an estimating to be 95% done with the project by this Sunday allowing the final week to be last minute changes that I deem necessary.

Remaining work

The remaining work includes finishing narration, editing in music, editing in sound effect, editing in audio cues and doing last minute photo enhancing where necessary.

Project 3 Progress Report (4/10/2014)


What I have accomplished:

So far, I have gathered all of my required materials excluding all the music, planned out the layout of the video and started the rough draft. Since starting the rough draft it has concreted my mood and layout for the video. It started as a simple remix of the story and changed since the beginning of the project to be a cheesy horror remix of the same story. I have a solid idea of the direction I want the project to go and am going to make the next push this weekend as you will read in the “still need to do” section. In short, I have kept in line with the class schedule regarding my project so far and am on time so far which is an accomplishment in it’s own regard I guess.

What I still need to do:

As of yesterday, I am all prepared to start putting together the rest of the rough draft since I found my narrator. A friend of mine with a nice deep voice has agreed to help me record the lines. Before that I wasn’t able to move forward very far since the narrator leads the pace of the video. This weekend, the 12th-13th of April, I will be recording all of the narrators voice and piecing together the resources I have so far to fit it. As mentioned before, the music hasn’t all been gathered. This is because it depends on the job of the narrator. If the narration goes as planned and produces the intended mood for the video, I will be able to finally put in the appropriate music. I plan to have most of this stuff done in time for the peer review Tuesday so that I can get feed back. After Tuesday, I will ideally only have revisions and tweaks to do to the project. It should be in a good place by then and well on it’s way to being done.

Questions or Concerns:

Right now, I don’t have any questions. The project has been going pretty smoothly so far and I believe I will be able to finish it on time. My only concern right now is my other classes that all have things due around the week this will be due with the presentation. That’s a more general concern though and really shouldn’t be a problem as long as I get enough done this weekend. I feel pretty confident in my project so far in regards to where it stands so I’ll ask any questions and air any concerns if I get them in the future.

Project 3 (4/8/2014)


What I did WHy I did it
Started making the video I started to actually make the video at this point and have 42 seconds of rough draft material finished so far. This includes the intro, title, opening music, credits and the first visual of part one of the video. It is all in rough draft form, but I am trying my best to make the best version first to keep from having to edit several times down the line.
Looked up music for the project Looked up music for the project and have decided that the tone for the video will be a lot heavier that I originally intended. What this means is that the video will probably be darker in theme that planned and the music will be very somber or horror movie esk. There is no one resource for the music I am using since each scene will need different types of music and I need to make a close to final product to find out what will fit for each scene.
Have full digital versions of the comic I now have the entire comic in PDF form so I can pull the material I need from it at will. The quality is in HD which will make editing a bit better in the end hopefully. This means I should now have about 90% of all of the visuals I need for the project. The other 10% will come from changes I make during the project, or visuals that are not of high enough quality in the stuff I already have.
Still locking in the voice changing software I am still trying to figure out which voice changing software I want to use for the video. Most of the software I have downloaded is not good enough or doesn’t provide the features I need for free. I know the sound I am looking for so It should’t be much longer. I have a couple more pieces of software to try the next time I work on the project.

In summation, I have begun working on the rough draft and have most of the visual resources I need for the project now. The rest of my resources, including audio, will come from learning what the project needs as I make it.

Project 3 (4/3/2014)

calvin-hobbes-gif-snow-monstersI haven’t done much groundwork since last class, but I have thought out a bit of the storyline.

What I did WHy I did it
Planned out a draft of the storyline for the video. I have had a rough idea of how I wan’t the video to go in my head for a while so I translated it to a storyline that you can find here. This is a work in progress as I make it more detailed as time goes on.
Almost finished intro splash screen The intro image is now almost complete and ready to be put into the video. All I am trying to figure out now is how to add a falling snow effect. Possibly as a GIF feature right now, but I am not sure yet.
Looked up open source music examples for the project. I found several websites that give great open source music samples and audio clips. Haven’t found all of the music I wan’t to use yet, but have found great places to start looking.

I am now ready to start throwing some clips into a video and mock up a rough draft.