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Order No. 1 and the Russian Army’s Downfall

A bi-product of the Russian Revolution in the 1910’s was the creation of a provisional government to rule the land. The government sought to transform the state based on liberal principles and awarding civil rights and autonomy to its citizens. … Continue reading

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Father Gapon and Bloody Sunday

      Pre-Revolutionary Russia was a world which most Americans would deem as one not fit to live in. The economy was almost non-existent, the autocracy that ruled was corrupt and unfair, and the food shortages were crippling to … Continue reading

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Austro-Hungarian POW’s

  My name is Cory Mitchell and this is my first blog post! I found this photo in an online exhibit of artist Sergei Mikhailovich Produkin-Gorskii. Produkin-Gorski’s work is extraordinary because he was among the first to produce color photographs. … Continue reading

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