Teaching Philosophy

To preface, I have not yet taken Contemporary Pedagogy, so my teaching philosophy and methodologies are a work in progress. Below are some beliefs and values I wish to disseminate and practice through my teaching.

My pedagogical approach is one that combines inclusive teaching and personalized learning strategies.  My main goal is to meet the needs of all students, regardless of identity or background. I believe there is no “average student” and that all students experience the learning process differently. Each student must be given the tools to succeed based on their individual identities.

Personalized learning allows me to present material to students in ways that are most meaningful and relevant to their life. Each student holds intersectional identities and should be served as such. For example, a low-income international student, where English is their second language, may not have the means to buy a text book, nor fully comprehend the content. This student is not given a fair chance at success because their marginalized identities don’t align with the average curriculum.  Through inclusive practices, students are treated equitably are made to feel welcomed, valued, and supported.

Moving forward, I would like to do more research on how to intersect these methodologies with design curricula, specifically in architecture and interior design. I find that traditional design curricula tends to focus on the building and its spatial concepts, however since we all experience a space differently, I would like the individuality of the student to drive the focus design.

I am looking forward to Contemporary Pedagogy so that I can develop this into more clear and concise language.