Teaching Methodologies

While there are many methods that I would like to use while teaching, and many more to learn about, below are two strategies that are currently my focus: Inclusive Teaching and Personalized Learning. These methods allow for the combination of equity and inclusion within a classroom.

Inclusive Teaching

Through this method, I can design my curriculum to foster a “growth mindset”, provide the tools for an inclusive classroom, include diverse content and ideas, and ensure equity through open communication.

Intelligence is not a reflection of someone’s natural ability and is not something that is absolute. Intelligence is flexible and can grow over time. This is important and necessary to communicate to students do avoid stereotype threats. Encouraging open conversation, in a respectful matter, and collaboration between students and teachers alike is an important attribute in inclusive learning. Transparency is very important to me in all aspects of life. Being open an honest allows for barriers to come down and a relationship to be formed, this builds trust and an open line of communication.

Personalized Learning Strategies

The traditional college student is no longer the majority. I can relate to the non-traditional student as I am a 35-year-old master’s student, coming back to college after 10 years, with a baby in tow. My past and present marginalized identities create a need for an individual learning experience. By tailoring the learning experience for each student’s strengths and needs, I can empower that students voice and give them a choice in how they learn. I can design an interval’s lesson to allow for flexibility, support, and success. Allowing students to go at a pace appropriate for them is key because it grants them the time they need to learn without the pressure of keeping up with peers.


The next step for me is to intersect these methods with architecture and design. How can these me implemented in a studio setting? More to learn and more to share……