Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

I include this topic in my portfolio, because it is a topic that I am passionate about. While it has many dimensions that are so important to talk about, I want to use this platform to talk about its relationship to my future as an educator of design.

As a future professoriate, I strive to implement this culture of inclusion in my every day life, both in and out of the classroom. I plan to intersect tools of equity into my curriculum and lesson plans. I stand firm in my belief that we must teach and reform our educators and curricula to honor diversity and inclusion in higher education. But is this enough?

A strong focus of mine is on the abilities of campuses to foster the needs of a growing diverse population and to provide a welcoming and safe environment for students to succeed. Having a background in design, I often wonder why there aren’t more campuses built to accommodate these needs. A solution not often mentioned is how the built environment can also facilitate and promote a culture of inclusiveness for each person. If the idea of inclusiveness means more collaboration between students and teachers, then we need more collaboration spaces. If we know that single mothers and fathers have more trouble making it to class, then why don’t we have affordable and accessible day cares built in to our campuses?

While the infrastructure of higher education is changing slowly, architecture’s potential to promote an inclusive environment is needed. I hope to find ways to act on this, both as an educator and as a professional.

As my research continues, I hope to add more insights to this page.