If There’s Anything You Should Know About Me…….

If there’s anything you should know about me (now)….is that this class wasn’t what I expected, it was way more. Before this class, I had always considered myself to be an advocate for diversity and inclusion, specifically in the work place, and specifically regarding gender. Then I took this course. And soon realized that my advocacy was about as deep as puddle. There is so much more to the concept of diversity and inclusion then I ever thought to exist. I had never thought about my unconscious bias, microaggression, or my privileges before.  I also had never really thought about higher from a global perspective.

My perspectives have certainly changed, and I realize I still have much to learn. I think, like everything else in this world, the definition of diversity and inclusion will keep changing, and I want to be able to keep up with it and understand it.  As a future teacher, cultivating equality and providing an inclusive environment is a major priority for me. Without this class, and seeing diversity through other lenses, I don’t think I know what that would have truly meant. This class has inspired me to do more research and more reading and to try to be an active activist!

Let me end by saying that I have truly enjoyed getting to know everyone in the class. It was eye opening to get to know what diversity meant to other people as individuals and what it meant in other fields. While our time together was short, it was enough to make a permanent impact on all of us.  Thanks to everyone for sharing and being open, especially to Dr. Lee and Dr. Grimes for creating such a safe and welcoming class.

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