Poultry Science just became open access

Poultry Science is arguably the most prestigious journal for research involving poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, and sometimes ostriches and emus- that are used for agriculture). It is the official journal of the Poultry Science Association which is a U.S. based scientific society that is committed to the advancement of the poultry industry. As of January 1st, 2020 both journals Poultry Science and the Journal of Applied Poultry Research have become open access through a publishing agreement with Elsevier.

The Journal has been around since 1921 and currently is published monthly and internationally known. It is in the top 10 journals in agriculture and number 1 for poultry research according to impact factor rankings. Poultry Science has sections for specific disciplines such as: nutrition and metabolism, breeding and genetics, production and management, physiology and reproduction, molecular biology, welfare, and processing and products, all tied together by their focus on poultry.

As Poultry Science has just recently transitioned there are no statistics associated with the response from the contributors and readers of the journal. The Poultry Science Association say that they are transitioning because

It provides the highest level of visibility for published works and facilitates increased citation and further dissemination of the information, all of which aligns with the vision of PSA to be the world’s most respected resource for poultry sciences. Also, expectations of the academic community and publishing trends are moving in the direction of free availability (no cost to the reader) of research findings, especially when funded by government entities.

They are also transitioning all previously published articles in Poultry Science to open access. These digital articles go back to the 1930s.

I applaud the Poultry Science Association for transitioning to open access and I hope that it is appreciated by the public.

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  1. That is great news, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is clear from what you said that this move has now made not only interesting but potentially important research to be easier to see for the viewing public. I’ve always believed that we should be publishing research that makes a difference in people’s lives and is relevant to them. Certainly something such as the #1 journal for poultry science can do that. It is good to see the Poultry Science Journal make this move.

  2. Thanks for sharing the great news! I have not seen many journals in agricultural sciences turn to open access, which is strange to me. Agricultural sciences are usually highly practical disciplines. Not only scientists need to learn the latest research results, but other people, such as farmers, may also be interested in these. It could be very difficult for the public to get access if journals are not open access. In my opinion, more open access journals are needed in agricultural sciences, especially the top ones.

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