That Awful Monday

Greetings all – I had a most awful “OMG” or even more colorful descriptive words of dismay and upset moment or actually several moments in our last class when I realized that much work I did was lost, gone, disappeared into a cyber black hole never to be recovered again! On that fated Monday, I had a great session with our most wonderful Adam who helped me figure out how to use wordpress to prepare my Professional e-portfolio.  So I was so excited and well informed at that point that I decided (before all the new learned knowledge disappears) let me spend a few hours working on the e-portfolio and I might as well buckle down and write a few blogs about some ideas that were swirling in my “technology peasant” head.  After a few hours of work, I was so pleased with myself — I had a good first complete draft of an e-portfolio (including if I may say so a pretty good teaching philosophy statement) and 3 to 4 blogs on the PFP blog as well as one or two on the GEDI. Yay! I had that nice sense of accomplishment and “ticking off” of the many items on my ever-long “to do list”.  Then to my great dismay – I find out that everything was lost! On Monday, 20th February – the system crashed? died? or just plain did not work and all my work was lost.  I felt an utter helplessness and there was nothing I could do to find my lost work.  I have to re-do my work, remember my thoughts, my insights, and re-do my research in order to write a few of those blogs particularly for the PFP blog.  You wonder — well, why were you so upset, felt so helpless?? not a big deal – these are just blog entries, just thoughts, words, etc.. that you can write again! As for the e-portfolio – no big deal – you already have your bio, resume and syllabi saved in word and it was just a matter or re-formatting, cut & paste, and making links “live” or “hot” and you are done.  A confession – it is not easy for me to blog – I am still way too self conscious about laying out my ideas and thoughts out there in the big wide cyber world. I worry about grammar, spelling, logic, of my simple ideas/thoughts and of the judgement that awaits me by the various readers.

I am happy to report that maybe this shutdown of the system on that fated Monday was the cure, kick in the proverbial rear-end that I needed to leave caution to the wind, write this blog and maybe begin a new unafraid blogging life! I am still a bit cautious, I am still going to agonize over trying to re-write those blogs that I posted on Monday, however, it is not the end of the world 🙂 My blogging life is not over, my grade for PFP will not suffer and I can start over and even the blogs will be better??  Cheers! and thanks for reading/listening.  A reformed newcomer to the blogging world.


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