GPP’18 Learning Outcomes

My Learning Outcomes for the GPP’18 trip are as follows:

  1. To learn about different systems of higher education.
  2. To learn about the practical town-gown relationships as well as institution’s philosophical commitments to outreach and engagement efforts.
  3. Continue to experience diverse perspectives in higher education and learn about how local and university culture influence university/community  engagement.
  4. To be able to compare and contrast the differences in outreach/engagement models between US and EU institutions.

While doing research on the PGP program in general, I found Emily Garner’s blog from the 2016 program. After reading about her experiences, I became even more interested in applying to this program.  While I was nervous about the similarity of our interests and overlapping inquiries, I am interested in expanding upon her initial research in some way.

She asked the questions:
1) How do universities and their faculty, staff, and students interact with the communities that they serve? How do they characterize their social responsibilities to these communities?
2) How do universities train students to be socially responsible and ethical researchers and professionals?

I’m excited to spend this semester continuing to sharpen my interests ahead of the trip in May!