Unconventional Academic Freedom


There has been a lot of discussion over the past five years…and even more over the past five months… about Academic Freedom.    One of the many ways this conversation impacts me is through my dual role of full-time AP Faculty member and part-time graduate student.  Oftentimes I will write an assignment (a paper, a reflection/journal, or a blog post) as part of an assignment, and then second guess myself as to how this may be read by my professors/colleagues differently than it would if I were solely a graduate student.

This semester I am taking two courses in addition to my 8a-5p (8a-10p is more like it) job.  I am taking Critical Race Theory in Education as well as this course, Preparing Future Professoriate.

Both courses have covered topics that I am passionate about and have opinions about and in both classes I have censored myself for fear of my academic musings getting taken as official statements made by a university employee.

This is an interesting conundrum that I’ve been wrestling with all semester and I am also interested in getting others’ opinions about it.   I feel that when I was a full-time graduate student, I would’ve said something brash about being uninhibited by social/political convention, but now that I’m primarily a full-time employee, my tune has changed.

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